What we do …


The OACS serves an array of vibrant Christian school communities by helping them realize their vision for authentic learning through visionary leadership and sound management strategies as expressed through the following aspects of school operations:

  1. IDENTITY—The school demonstrates an integrated Christian expression of its educational purpose, vision and mission.
  2. GOVERNANCE—The school board operates within an effective governance model that enhances the pursuit of its Christian purpose.
  3. PRINCIPAL LEADERSHIP—The school leader demonstrates prophetic vision and strategic mission.
  4. ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT – The administration of the school reflects competence and professionalism.
  5. COMMUNICATIONS—The school engages its various communities with conversation marked by transparency, respect and authenticity.
  6. FINANCES—The school practises sound fiscal management grounded in Christian ethics.
  7. ADVANCEMENT—The school pursues student retention and recruitment in a proactive, competent manner.
  8. LEARNING—The school engages students, teachers and parents communally within an articulated learning model that daily embodies the school’s Vision and Mission.
  9. STUDENTS—The school ensures that the student community is honoured with compassion and challenge along with professional resources for their education.
  10. EMPLOYMENT—The school employs qualified personnel within a communal context of fair compensation and contractual expectations.
  11. FACILITIES—The school provides learning and support spaces that promote well-being and flourishing.
  12. HEALTH & SAFETY—The school ensures a learning place that is safe, promotes Christian community and complies with governmental expectations.

The OACS also has a broad range of core deliverables which we provide in support of our member schools. They include:

  • Sustaining Christian Identity
  • Honouring partner organizations
  • Leavening the Ontario education context
  • Modeling innovative communications
  • Developing governance expertise
  • Developing Principal leadership
  • Encouraging Christian learning
  • Providing financial benchmarks
  • Guiding employment relations
  • Supporting school inquiries
  • Maintaining a resourceful service organization
  • Revitalizing small schools (emerging)