Our impact

The OACS has been serving Christian schools in Ontario for over 60 years. The effect of Christian schooling in the lives of its students can be seen in many aspects of their lives:

In faith

Students who graduate from OACS schools are far more likely to believe that:

  • God is a personal Being and that they experience communion with God through spiritual peace and fulfillment.
  • they have a responsibility in their church community through active participation and financial support of the institution.
  • their faith is more than just a private matter and is something that is rightly lived and understood in all aspects of their lives.

In life

Students who graduate from OACS schools are far more likely to live in a way that demonstrates:

  • a lively spiritual life, made up of regular prayer, acts of witnessing and service in a broad range of not-for-profit institutions.
  • regular, personal betterment through reading—especially through the regular reading of the Bible but also of literature in general.
  • that the basis of healthy relationships requires that living together and sexual intimacy are reserved solely for marriage.

In work

In their working careers, graduates from OACS school are more likely to behave in a way that:

  • reflects the understanding that their day-to-day work is a vocational response to God’s calling.
  • is engaged in actively shaping the workplace’s culture, through working hard, holding their colleagues to high standards and ensuring their workplace policies are just.
  • doesn’t separate a modern scientific worldview from their religious beliefs and sees both as ultimately being compatible.​

Although the impact that our long tradition of service has had is immeasurable, in 2012, OACS partnered with Cardus to conduct an educational survey of the alumni of OACS high schools. Many of those surveyed had been enrolled in Christian day school since Grade One. We were interested in obtaining some clear information about the impact of Christian education on their lives. The results are a testament to the great effect that our schools have in the future success, citizenship, and general happiness of the students who attend OACS schools.