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OACS Virtual Library

Thanks to the hard work of our library committee, we’ve launched an OACS Virtual Library! This directory of helpful websites provides links to citation and web tools, and is intended to provide a virtual launching page on library computers for members schools.

Core Values

Connecting with God’s world through inquiry, imagination and creativity in a way that empower learners to discover and apply information is the keystone of lifelong learning. The school library learning commons is an essential partner in developing this strong foundation.

Creating Welcoming Physical and Virtual Spaces

  • provide all students with a space that encourages collaboration and creativity
  • develop an environment where learning is shared among everyone
  • construct a flexible learning space allowing for multiple uses

Developing Discerning Users and Critical Thinkers

  • develop independent, responsible individuals who are critical consumers of all types of information
  • enable learners to move beyond retrieving factual information to construct personal meaning in lifelong learning
  • cultivate an environment that embraces multiple literacies and learning styles
  • encourage and support learners to take responsibility for their own learning

Encouraging Technology in Learning

  • teach students digital citizenship
  • provide a variety of library services to develop and enhance 21st-century learning skills
  • consider compatibility with current and future technologies when purchasing resources

Ensuring Equitable Access

  • provide a core selection of noteworthy resources to all schools
  • supply 24/7 access to virtual resources

Fostering the Love of Reading and/or Literature

  • nurture the love of reading across all ages
  • cultivate knowledge and appreciation of the many genres of literature
  • provide age appropriate, quality resources and technologies that capture individual interests

Providing Curriculum Support

  • integrate faith and learning to develop a dynamic educational experience
  • provide both a physical and virtual library space for optimum access to relevant and reliable resources
  • ensure the availability of quality resources posing diverse points of view

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