About our news service


The OACS News Service exists to strengthen, inspire and challenge the OACS community, through the writing and sharing of stories. The stories come out of an engaged community of learners—a community that wants to help students grow in character and thrive where they are planted.

That said, I hope you’ll feel inspired to make the most of this service. By inviting us to share your stories, you have the chance to participate in a lively conversation within the OACS membership (and beyond) about education, imagination, faith and learning. The articles we publish have the potential to reach parents and supporters in a unique, human way—highlighting for them some of the best practices that define OACS schools. They can be reposted in a number of helpful formats, on school Facebook pages, in newsletters and shared at staff meetings.

This year, our news stories have focused on a wide spectrum of topics: differentiated instruction, flipped classrooms, robotics clubs, environmental projects, and more. Many of our long form articles leave room for reflection. The teachers, principals and board members that I’ve interviewed for these pieces have been happy to share what’s “worked” for them, and what hasn’t—what they find daunting and what they find deeply exciting or rewarding about their explorations in education. They’ve gleaned valuable lessons along the way, and this comes through in many of our articles.

You may have noticed that our articles often direct readers to the OACS eCurriculum platform—a collaborative online space for OACS members. If a certain article we publish resonates with you, I hope that you’ll consider sharing your thoughts, comments, and questions about it with fellow members of the eCurriculum community.

And, if you have a story about your school that you’d like share, I’d love for you to contact me by email (news@oacs.org) or phone (905.648.2100 x42)!




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