Better Together: A New Leader For A New Vision For Christian Education

Introducing Deani Van Pelt, our new President:

  • Senior Fellow, Cardus
  • Senior Fellow, Fraser Institute
  • Former Director of Teacher Education, Redeemer University College

Dr. Deani Van Pelt, OCT, will be leading the new organization, with origins in three historic Ontario Christian school associations, (OCSAA, Edifide and OACS), dedicated to supporting and promoting excellence in leadership and learning amongst independent Christian schools in Ontario and Eastern Canada.

“Deani’s influence on thought and strategy among Christian school leaders is undeniable. We have long benefitted from her impactful research and her engaging way of connecting people on key issues. I congratulate her on this grand adventure and am excited to see what God has in store for Christian schools as a result of her experience and skills.”

John DeBoer, Principal, King’s Christian Collegiate

“Deani brings a passion for Christian education, and a passion for the flourishing of our youth. I’ve always been impressed by her interest in each individual, and also her level of care for the organization.”

Shannon Marcus, Principal, Durham Christian High

“Deani brings a strong vision, a calm voice, vast experience, and a desire to grow Christian education and educators. Her extensive background in practice, leadership and research, and her gift for connecting educators of all levels are incredible assets.”

Harry Blyleven, Hamilton District Christian High
Teacher & Exec. Director, Christian Teachers Academy

“The Ethical Standards for the teaching profession – care, trust, respect and integrity – are cornerstones for positive leadership and are intrinsic to Deani’s personal and professional relationships.”

Dr. Michael Salvatori, OCT, CEO and Registrar,
Ontario College of Teachers