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Homeschooling families enrich school community

On November 20th, 2017 by Jennifer Neutel

Muskoka Christian School (MCS) is finding new ways to engage the families in their community. In the small town of Utterson, Ontario, MCS includes homeschooling families from a large rural area through two unique offerings: A Homeschool membership and a Half-time program. The school community is benefitting from new connections while ...

Students and teachers pilot digital textbooks

On November 6th, 2017 by Jennifer Neutel

“If you’re choosing to use your textbook, turn to page 40. I f you want Edwin to read to you, get your headphones,” says Grade 8 teacher Howie Martin as he opens a science lesson at Milton Christian School (MCS). This year, Grade 7 and 8 MCS students are beta-testing a ...


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Celebrating Years of Togetherness at the Edifide Teacher’s Convention

On October 30th, 2017 by Carla Alblas

Ever since I was in elementary school, I can remember being excited about the Edifide Teacher’s Convention days in October. Of course, back then I was excited because it meant having two PD days tacked on to a weekend, making for a nice long break from classes and homework. Because ...

On Being in Community

On September 12th, 2017 by Sara Pot

At Beacon Christian School in St. Catharines, Ontario, students have the opportunity to learn about Georges Seurat and Pointilism in their art classes. The hallway walls are soon covered with the students’ colourful illustrations. Upon close inspection, each masterpiece displays a multitude of dots or bits of colour, covering the ...


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What’s So Great About Canada, Eh?

On July 4th, 2017 by Carla Alblas

In honour of Canada Day, and the country’s 150th anniversary celebrations this year, leadership students at Belleville Christian School put together a production called, “What’s So Great About Canada, Eh?”, highlighted in the following video:  

What Makes Canada Special?

On June 27th, 2017 by Carla Alblas

Staff and students at Orillia Christian School put together a video of their recent celebrations of Canada 150. As students celebrated our country’s anniversary, and enjoyed the beauty of the outdoors, they were asked to reflect on several questions about Canada, including, “Why do you love Canada?”, “One day, where ...


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Award Recognizes Ontario Teachers For Excellence in Education

On June 20th, 2017 by Daniel Proussalidis

Five Ontario teachers are the latest recipients of the John Rozema Awards for Teacher Excellence. Now in their second year, the Rozema Awards recognize teachers who surpass expectations in their work at Christian schools in Ontario. Michael Van Pelt, President and CEO of Cardus, and Dr. Beth Green, Education Program Director ...

Digital Frontiers: Testing New Tech in the Christian Classroom

On May 12th, 2017 by Jennifer Neutel

Digital learning is the new normal for schools across Canada. Eighty percent of kids in kindergarten now use computers in the classroom. Roughly half of the student body comes to school with his or her own device; 96 percent of classrooms have computers. Teachers communicate with parents less on paper ...



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