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Electives as Community Learning

On January 16th, 2017 by Carla Alblas

Students at Timothy Christian School (TCS) in Williamsburg will be putting away their notebooks and moving their desks out of the way to make room for a different kind of learning this Friday. For the first time at TCS, students in grades 3-8 will be participating in hands-on learning opportunities of ...

Celebrating Canada 150!

On January 10th, 2017 by Carla Alblas

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the nation on New Year’s Eve, saying, “As we mark Canada 150 over the next year, we will honour the generations of Canadians who have come together to create opportunities for one another. We will celebrate the courage and vision of those who came before ...

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Leadership Principles for the New Year

On January 3rd, 2017 by Ray Hendriks

The Christmas break finally led to some time to clean up the piles of paper on my desk. I ended up throwing a lot of things into the recycling—not sure why they were added to the pile in the first place.  There were also a couple of, “Oops! I’d better ...

Godly Laughter in our Darkness

On December 15th, 2016 by Julius de Jager

“And just as the angel had sung his celestial song for her, she sang a song for Elizabeth. ‘My soul’, sang Mary, ‘O cousin, my soul doth magnify the Lord. My soul rejoiceth in God my savior. He is keeping his promises to me. Elizabeth, I am going to have a ...


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Leading with Love: Joanna Levy

On December 21st, 2016 by Carla Alblas As Joanna Levy began her keynote address to teachers and educational leaders, she emphasized the importance of the role of the teacher in giving her students the sense that the work they are doing in the classroom is not just work for another student, or for the teacher—they are being ...


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Educational Assistants

On May 16th, 2016 by Carla Alblas

It has been said that a well-run school can function for a day or so without the principal, but if the educational assistant does not show up in a classroom for work, the day can go off the rails very quickly. An educational assistant (EA) is a paraeducator who supports the ...



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Sharing Christmas through Song

On December 12th, 2016 by Carla Alblas

Students in the primary grades of John Knox Christian School (JKCS) in Stoney Creek had the opportunity to share the gift of music with members of the community this past week. The primary classes were thrilled to receive an invitation to sing a selection of Christmas songs at the Stoney ...

Hundreds Launch Ottawa Christian School Jubilee Celebration

On October 3rd, 2016 by Carla Alblas

Nearly 600 people gathered to kick off the 50th anniversary celebrations of Ottawa Christian School (OCS) on September 24th with a barbecue, party, and worship service. Alumni, past and current families, and school supporters came together to celebrate and give thanks for a half-century of quality Christian education in the ...

Partner voices

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Nominations for John Rozema Awards

On January 6th, 2017 by Beth Green

Only 25 days remaining! Do you know a Christian school teacher in Ontario whose excellent practice invests purpose, rigour, and service into the lives of children, school, and community? Nominating someone for a John Rozema Teaching Excellence Award is a gift to the whole Christian school community in Ontario, and gives ...

Emmanuel – God With Us!

On December 15th, 2016 by Diane Stronks

Over these last few weeks, as Christmas is upon us, I began to wonder why God would use a couple of teenagers to take care of his beloved Son, a helpless baby who could not protect himself. Think about it: God, the Creator of the Universe, entrusted these two young ...